Wolfgang dodd

Wolfgang is the main videographer of Fissure Media. His hobbies include video games (he’s not ready for the squad though), and watching movies. His true secret talent is being able to turn any conversation into a lengthy discussion about obscure Star Wars lore. If you’ve ever wanted to know the name of a particular starship from the movies, he’s probably your guy.

Wolfgang is looking forward to the day when Fissure Media goes from his “side hustle” to his “main gig”.

“So what do I say here?” Wolfgang Dodd


Nicholas Mckernan

Nick is part of the Twitch Squad known as ChiefMajin. His talent is to go ever further and beyond. His hobbies include listening to Nickelback, Championships, Kar98Headshots on PUBG, and trying to go Super Saiyan at the strike of dawn. Nick is part of a family circle in the Squad: RetroHero is his twin brother, and Sparks is his wonderful girlfriend. A unique fact about ChiefMajin, he can open The 9th Gate like Guy. He also can eat…a lot.

Nick is glad to work with amazing people and a chance to turn Fissure to the next big name on Twitch.

“Thanks for letting me be a part of it!” —Nick

“You may have invaded my mind and body… but there’s one thing a Saiyan always keeps: His pride!” —Vegeta


Chris mckernan

Chris is part of the Twitch Squad. His name is Retro Royal Knight and you can find him as RetroHero. His talent is being a part-time Avenger. He likes to play video games, read comics, collect nerdy things, and play DnD. Also, he can touch his nose with his tongue!

Chris knows a bit about superheroes, Kaiju, and mechs, among other things that are interesting. He would like to emphasize that he can touch his nose with his tongue.

He is excited about doing fun things with his friends, and is happy to help be a part of the great experience.

“Go with the flow and enjoy the show […] Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.” —Optimus Prime