Javier “Javy”

Javy is part of the Twitch Squad. His personal philosophy is the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. His hobbies include crushing lowly Saiyan monkeys on DragonBall Fighterz, slowing teammates down during Battle Royales, and eating chips loudly over his headset microphone. A unique fact about Javy is that, through concentration, he can raise and lower his cholesterol at will.

Javy is excited about being part of the Fissure family because it’s a great opportunity to work on fun projects with close friends.

“It is exhilarating watching Fissure grow while helping along the way.” —Javy


Jennifer Natera

Jen is part of the Twitch Squad. She is also a part time FBI agent, but that’s between you and us. Her personal philosophy… really, The English language cannot fully captivate the depth and complexity of her thoughts, so she incorporated emojis into her bio to better express herself (😉).

Jennifer’s hobbies include: watching make-up tutorials on YouTube, keeping Amazon & Sephora in business, and working on her Doctorate. A fun fact about Jen is that she’s read thousands of books in her lifetime…but she doesn’t know how to read (😮).

She is very excited about Fissure because she can be a part of a company built by friends from the get-go, and enjoy watching it grow & thrive.