Rachael Squires

Rachael is a professional and digital artist. She currently works as a storyboard and concept artist at Fissure Media. Rachael's motto is "Work hard and achieve the goal" with an occasional "Huzzah!" will come up in conversation. At an early age, Rachael realized that humor during difficult times gets the best reaction.

Her hobbies include drawing, D&D, cosplay, Renaissance Fair, Anime, and comics. Admittedly, she's a bit of a geek. 


Heather Squires

Heather started off, minding her own business, when OUT OF THE BLUE Roosevelt called! He asked if she would write a skit or two, since she’d written books or something…. I guess Heather was qualified. She felt that author-life was drab, and needed a pick-me-up. Sure! So, now Heather writes for Fissure part-time, but still has time to dedicate to her private zoo and family.